County Sheriff Sale Fees Increasing to $300
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Date Of Sheriff Sale Fee Increase Varying By County

In follow-up to my post on Monday the 27th - County Sheriff Sale Fees Increasing to $300 - it appears the actual date upon which the fee increase will apply may vary by county.  The quote below is an email to local lawyers I received from the Marion County Civil Sheriff's Office on the matter:

We are starting to get questions regarding the increase in the User fee that was effective on July 1st.

Our Attorney reads the new law as the effective date of the increase to be when the praecipe was filed. So the User fee will increase for Marion County once we see that the praecipe date is after July 1st. Looks like increase of user fee will start with some sales in September.

We heard other counties in the state have already raised theirs. All depends on how each county interprets the new law.

Always check with county officials and websites to confirm the local process because in Indiana Sheriff's Sales: Local Rules, Customs and Practices Control.  The fee increase is an example of this.

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