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Indiana Supreme Court Clarifies Scope Of Trial Rule 9.2(A) Affidavits Of Debt

The hand wringing over certain pleading requirements for residential mortgage lenders and servicers seeking to enforce loans in Indiana is over effective July 15, 2021. This is because the Indiana Supreme Court amended Trial Rule 9.2(A) and specifically exempted mortgage foreclosures from the affidavit of debt requirements arising out of the 2020 amendment to the rule.

Click here for the Court’s order, which contains the amendment. The following link is to the entire rule on the Court’s system that, as of today, does not reflect the amendment: T.R. 9.2.

For background on this topic, please click on my two prior posts:

The rule’s new language ends any debate regarding whether the subsections added in 2020 [(A)1) and (A)(2)] apply to mortgage foreclosure actions. (Incidentally, the 2020 amendment never affected commercial or business loans – only consumer debts.)

Somewhat regrettably, the Court did not include language in this year’s amendment to exempt actions to enforce unsecured loans, such as an action on a guaranty or a credit agreement. Having said that, as noted in my prior posts, a strong argument can be made that the affidavits only apply to actions “on account” and not to loans.

Kudos to our Supreme Court for providing clarity to the situation and for the folks behind the scenes who lobbied for the change.
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