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2021 Marion County (Indianapolis) Sheriff's Sale Calendar, Procedure Reminders

The Marion County Sheriff's Office recently circulated its 2021 calendar, which sets out the relevant pre-sale and sale dates.  Click here for the Excel spreadsheet issued by the Sheriff.  The Office reminded parties that, through March, the sales will be on Friday in Room T230 of the City/County Building.  

One universal takeaway from Marion County's schedule is that all Indiana counties, by statute, must follow certain basic steps in order to properly tee up a sale.  Although each particular county will have its own sale dates and slightly different pre-sale deadlines, all counties will have (1) a cutoff date to file a praecipe for sale in order to meet a future sale date, usually about two months down the road, (2) a deadline for the submission of notices of sale, (3) an advertising/publication period, and (4) a deadline for the so-called bid package, which includes the sale-related documents and any costs/fees.   

Although I've said this before here, it's worth repeating:  while the Indiana Code covers the fundamentals of the sheriff's sale process, the specific rules and procedures vary by county.  There are 92 counties in Indiana and therefore 92 different sets of customs and practices applicable to sheriff's sales.  My advice is to call the local civil sheriff or visit sheriff's website to confirm the hoops through which you must jump, and when, to start and finish a successful sheriff's sale.

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