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Publishing Notices Of Sheriff's Sales In Indiana

We’ve got a sheriff’s sale next month, in connection with a commercial foreclosure case, in Montgomery County. There, like many counties in Indiana, the sheriff’s office contracts with a third-party company that serves as the sheriff’s agent for purposes of preparing for, and holding, sheriff’s sales. In Montgomery County, the vendor is SRI. Other counties use Lieberman Technologies. Many county sheriff’s departments, such as Marion County’s here in Indianapolis, still run all aspects of the sale internally, however.

Check county rules. Don’t forget that local rules, customs and practices control (pardon any outdated links from that 2010 post). For our sale next month, Montgomery County requires the plaintiff/lender to handle the pre-sale notice publication process. Many if not most counties will cover publication, and then invoice you for the costs. The need for us to do this particular step caused me to dust off the applicable statute to make sure we published the sale notice properly, and timely.

Publication laws. The three critical elements of publication are: (1) advertising in a newspaper circulated in the county where the real estate is located, (2) running the ad for three successive weeks and (3) initiating the first ad at least thirty days befor the sale. Here is the pertinent statutory provision, Ind. Code 32-29-7-3(d):

Before selling mortgaged property, the sheriff must advertise the sale by publication once each week for three (3) successive weeks in a daily or weekly newspaper of general circulation. The sheriff shall publish the advertisement in at least one (1) newspaper published and circulated in each county where the real estate is situated. The first publication shall be made at least thirty (30) days before the date of sale.

Notice to owner. Section 3(d) goes on to require that:

at the time of placing the first advertisement by publication, the sheriff shall also serve a copy of the written or printed notice of sale upon each owner of the real estate. Service of the written notice shall be made as provided in the Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure governing service of process upon a person.

(See, Service of Process” Fundamentals for the Plaintiff Lender.) My understanding is that, in most instances when a sheriff or its agent requires the plaintiff/lender to handle publication, the sheriff or agent still will perfect service upon the owner themselves. Normally, this is done by certified mail or hand delivery. By the way, if counsel represents the owner, I always include notice to the attorney.
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