Loan Servicers As Plaintiffs In Foreclosure Cases
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10 Years: Indiana Commercial Foreclosure Law

I launched this blog on November 1, 2006.  Ten years and 479 posts later, I'm still committed to writing about mortgage foreclosures, lien enforcement and business debt collection. 

Here are links to my first four articles, all of which I posted here ten years ago today:

Welcome To My Blog: Indiana Commercial Foreclosure Law

Just What Is Commercial Foreclosure Law?

What Are Statutes And Which Ones Apply To Indiana Commercial Foreclosures?

Court Commentary = Case Law

In addition to focusing on commercial matters, my practice has evolved to include more consumer finance litigation in which I defend residential mortgage loan servicers and their investors (lenders) in a wide variety of foreclosure and real estate-related litigation.  As such, I've expanded my blog topics to address those matters.  If you need assistance with commercial or consumer finance litigation in Indiana, please call me at 317-639-6151 or email me at  Also, you can receive my posts on Twitter @JohnDWaller or on LinkedIn, or you can subscribe to posts via RSS or email as noted on my home page.  Thanks for reading these past ten years.