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The Latest Marion County (Indianapolis) Sheriff's Sale Links/Forms

Our firm recently re-learned the hard way that Marion County's monthly sheriff’s sales have been bumped up an hour from 3:15pm to 2:15pm, which is when the oral auction starts.  Fortunately, no harm, no foul. 

In the recent past, Marion County mandated that third party (non-plaintiff) bids over and above the plaintiff’s posted bid must be tendered by 2pm instead of 3pm (with cash on deposit by then).  As always, the plaintiff’s (the mortgagee's) bid package still must be submitted the day before the sale.

1:  Click here for a link to the Marion County Sheriff’s home page dealing with sheriff’s sales.

2:  Click here for a link to their forms page, including instructions/rules for plaintiffs and third-party bidders.

Be advised – as of today’s date, many of the links along the left side of the sheriff’s website (#1 above) contain old forms indicating that bidding is open until 3:00pm.  Don’t use those forms or that information.  Use the links in #2 above, which also are in the body/center of link #1.  I mentioned the problem to the staff today, and they indicated that the county’s web provider is or should be in the process of fixing the problem.

Finally, don't forget that no two counties are the same.  Although this 2/28/10 post needs to be updated, the theme that "local rules, customs and practices control" remains true today.  Check with your specific county to confirm when sheriff's sales begin because times vary across the state.

Carry on….