Another Rooker-Feldman Knockout: Federal Court Ends Post-Foreclosure Lawsuit
Judgments Cannot Be Collected Directly From Separate, Albeit Related, Corporate Entities "Fishers banquet hall set for sheriff's sale; owner cites 'technical problem'"

The "North of 96" blog published by's Andrea Davis has a post relating to a commercial foreclosure on an event venue in Fishers: story.  Evidently judgment has been entered, and a sheriff's sale is scheduled for July.  What's interesting to me is the owner/borrower claims that there has been some mistake on "technical" grounds and that there was no default on the loan.  The case, filed in November, is about three weeks from a sheriff's sale.  I'm curious as to what alleged "technical problem" exists and how the case progressed this far despite it.  Normally "technical problems" would be raised before the entry of judgment, unless perhaps this is an instance where a default judgment should be set aside.  If Ms. Davis continues to follow the case on her blog, I will update this post.