Successor Bank Has Standing to Enforce
Mortgagee Not Liable For Tragic Drowning

Happy New Year: 2013's Best Post?

With the holidays and year-end commitments, I failed to put together new material for this week.  Rather than posting a goose egg, I decided to study my forty-one 2013 posts to determine my personal favorite.  Here it is:  Indiana Foreclosures: How Long Do They Take?  That article features links to thirteen other posts and contains lots of information related to a very common question. 

Favorites 2A and 2B are:  Some Tips For Indiana Receivers and Indiana's Pre-Suit Notice And Settlement Conference Statute Not Intended For Commercial Foreclosures.  Those two contain practical tips and specifically resulted from client requests.  Plus, for some reason I have an affinity for receiverships and the law related to them. 

My eighth year at this thing resumes next week, at which time I'll submit my 361st post.  Thanks for reading, and please think of Wooden & McLaughlin and me for any foreclosure or real estate needs you or your clients may have in 2014.  We would appreciate the opportunity to help.