Technical Notice Irregularity Doesn’t Invalidate Sheriff’s Sale In Recent Case
Indiana Supreme Court Clarifies Indiana Law In Distinguishing A True Lease From A Sale Subject To A Security Interest

Foreclosure News Sites

I was on vacation last week and have been catching up this week.  I hope that next week I'm able to post about the Indiana Supreme Court's recent opinion in Gibraltar Financial, which opinion reversed the Court of Appeals decision about which I discussed this past February

Meanwhile, I thought I'd provide links to two pretty good websites that regularly supply foreclosure news.  Most foreclosure news relates directly to residential issues, but both of these sites deal at times (and in places) with commercial matters:

The Topix site is what regularly feeds the news on the right side of my home page.'s Cory Schouten writes real estate blog Property Lines, which is a cool little site that provides local news and insight into the Indianapolis real estate market, with an emphasis on commercial matters.  Shouten's blog also is permanently linked along the right side of my home page.

Thanks for reading, and please never hesitate to email me or post comments about Indiana commercial foreclosure issues.  I love this stuff.