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On November 1, 2006, I began publishing this blog.  Four years and 233 posts later, Indiana Commercial Foreclosure Law continues to be a very rewarding and instructive project for me.  Whether you read via subscribed email, RSS feed, Twitter,  Facebook or a simple Google search, I've appreciated the traffic, which continues to grow, together with the feedback.  I remain committed to my blog and don't intend to shut it down any time soon, if ever. 

Remember to click on the "About" link to see my bio, picture, contact information and link to my firm Wooden & McLaughlin's website.  Very soon, a link to my blog through my firm's website will feature a new look and feel, but the content and features will remain the same.      

Also bear in mind that the "Archives" section along the side of the home page allows you to review posts by month, but more importantly permits you to conduct a word search of all prior content on this blog.  This is like having Google specific to this blog.  You can research each and every blog post back to 11-1-06.  Remember that, among other things, I post on all published Indiana state and federal court judicial opinions relevant to the field of commercial foreclosure law.  How do I find the cases?  I have permanent computer searches set up on the Lexis legal research system.  Lexis delivers emails to me whenever a court publishes a new decision.  Readers will always be up to speed on any relevant legal developments under Indiana law (although admittedly I'm currently a few months behind due to the press of my "day job"). 

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My vision was to provide a "one-stop shop" for secured lenders involved in the foreclosure of commercial real estate mortgages, enforcement of security interests and collection of business debts in Indiana.  I gear my content toward workout professionals and representatives of commercial lending institutions.  Naturally, in-house counsel and Indiana creditor's rights lawyers also may benefit from my efforts to provide an on-line resource for this specialized area.  Please keep reading and spread the word.  And, feel free to contact me with any ideas as to how I can improve. 

Finally, I'd like to thank my colleague Mike Valinetz, who for the past several months has been my second pair of eyes for proofreading my posts.  I have appreciated your time, Mike.