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The Pesky Sales Disclosure Form - Marion County (Indianapolis) Update

I posted a sheriff's sale checklist on March 7, 2010, and I've written about the sales disclosure form (SDF) component to the sheriff's sale process previously.  The involvement and handling of SDF's in connection with the sheriff's sale of your real estate loan collateral continues to evolve.  Please remain mindful that local rules, customs and practices control.  To fully prepare for the sale, contact your county civil sheriff's office in advance.  

The Marion County Civil Sheriff's Office now requires that, before they will accept the SDF, it must first be submitted and completed on line.  Here is a link to the site for submission:  SDF Link.  I'm also providing a .pdf of a cheat sheet, with contact information, regarding this process:  SDF .pdf.  The plaintiff/mortgagee/bidder at the sheriff's sale must complete the SDF on line and then submit the printed form (with the auditor's fee check) to the sheriff's office at the time one submits the sale bid.  (This has something to do with the fact that the on line form, once printed, contains data in the upper right corner that shows the appropriate on line submission.)  Please note that the form itself will not be fully completed since the sheriff will need to execute it post-sale.  

Please email or post a comment if you or your foreclosure counsel have had a different experience.  I have not yet seen this on line requirement in other counties, but perhaps this is changing across the state.  As I've posted before, in other counties, including Marion County, a hard copy of the blank form could be completed and submitted to the sheriff.

Enough about SDF's -- I'm now going on a family vacation and will post something again during the week of June 14th, if not before....