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Marion County (Indianapolis) Local Rule: Mandatory Settlement Conferences In Mortgage Foreclosure Cases

Marion County has issued a new local rule, which I understand is already in effect, relating to mandatory settlement conferences.  The rule is limited to owner-occupied residential cases and does not apply to commercial real estate foreclosures.  It will be interesting to see whether, or to what extent, this procedural change will help with the residential foreclosure crisis. 

It's my understanding Indiana's General Assembly is considering a foreclosure-related bill that would include a similar rule, which bill conceivably could eclipse Marion County's new rule.  See, House Bill 1633.      

You can access copies of the Marion County rule and related forms by clicking on these links:    

- LR49 TR85 Rule 231

Notice and Order for Settlement Conference

Borrower Financial Information

Confirmation of Attendance at Settlement Conference

I'd like to thank Kelly Angelmeyer, Director of Operations for the Marion Superior Court, for providing copies of these materials to me.