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Celebrating Two Years

Two years ago, on November 1, 2006, I launched this blog.  126 posts later, I'm still going strong.

Over the past year, I've slightly reconfigured my home page, which now includes a more exhaustive and specific "Categories" directory.  As new topics arise, I may add to this list to make it easier for readers to investigate a particular topic.  As always, I welcome your suggestions by email.  Please let me know if there is another area on which you'd like me to focus.

Click on the "About" link to see my bio, picture, contact information and link to my firm Wooden & McLaughlin's website.  Within a few months, my firm will be launching a new website, and we're all excited about that.     

Within the last several months, I opened the comments option, so please feel free to comment upon my articles.

The "Archives" section along the side of the home page allows you to review posts by month, but more importantly permits you to conduct a word search of all prior content on this blog.  This feature is like having Google specific to this blog.  You can research each and every blog post back to 11-1-06.  Remember that, among other things, I post on all published Indiana state and federal court judicial opinions relevant to the field of commercial foreclosure law.  How do I find the cases?  I have permanent computer searches set up on the Lexis legal research system.  Lexis delivers emails to me whenever a court publishes a new decision.  Readers will always be up to speed on any relevant legal developments under Indiana law.  

Another option for you is to sign up for an RSS feed and/or subscribe to research posts by email.  These are efficient and painless ways to have Indiana Commercial Foreclosure Law articles delivered to you.  By the way, the email feature is secure, and it will never result in any further contact by me.  Please pass these subscription programs along to your friends and colleagues.

I've added a couple more statute links along the left side of the home page this year.  The list of statutes consists of all Indiana Code provisions applicable to commercial foreclosure matters.  I also provide rule links to the Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure, the Indiana Rules of Evidence, together with a link to find each Indiana county's local procedure rules, if they exist.  These are at your fingertips whenever you surf to my blog.  

My home page has permanent links to the websites of all Indiana state and federal courts, as well as the Secretary of State and the Marion County (Indianapolis) civil sheriff's office websites.  These governmental office websites provide a wealth of information for secured lenders and their legal counsel.

In addition, I provide links to some key local media outlets, as well as links to the websites of what I understand to be the most pertinent trade associations.  If there are other websites you think would be valuable to readers, please let me know.

My mission is to provide a "one-stop shop" for secured lenders involved in the foreclosure of commercial real estate mortgages, enforcement of security interests and collection of business debts in Indiana.  I gear my content toward workout professionals and representatives of commercial lending institutions.  Naturally, in-house counsel and Indiana lawyers also will benefit from my efforts to provide an on-line resource for this specialized area.  Please keep reading and spread the word.  And, please contact me with any ideas as to how I can improve.