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Off Topic: Residential Lenders Continue To Take a Beating

As my regular readers are aware, this blog is not dedicated to residential mortgage or consumer lending matters, in part because those issues are not the focus of my practice.  However, my Firm represents lenders in all sorts of legal disputes, and the sub-prime mortgage crisis may have far-reaching consequences that could ultimately affect commercial lenders.  Plus, the political climate surrounding the problem is compelling, so I can't resist periodically posting news stories about the subject. 

Here are links to two national articles from today that address the City of Cleveland's "public nuisance" lawsuit against several banks:  CNN and MSNBC.  The case represents an interesting combination of politics and law.  I have not read the court filings, and at this time know nothing about the case other than what these two stories say.  I will be curious to see whether the case can survive a pre-trial motion to dismiss.  I would agree with one of the quotes:  this indeed is a "one-of-a-kind" case.  From purely a legal perspective, I have difficulty believing the case has much merit.  But, I've been wrong before....