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Memo To Self: Happy Anniversary

On November 1, 2006, I launched this blog.  One year, 68 posts and thousands of hits later, my site is going strong, and its visitors are steadily growing each week.  If you're new to Indiana Commercial Foreclosure Law, welcome.  If you've been here before, thank you and welcome back. 

First post.  I thought it might be useful to re-publish my very first post: 

I designed this blog to provide a resource for individuals in the banking and commercial lending industry who deal with Indiana-related commercial foreclosure issues.  Today, November 1, 2006, my blog debuts with the goal of publishing posts at least weekly in one of four categories:  Court Commentary, Notable News, Practical Pointers and Statutes Say.

Court Commentary will have content analyzing recent Indiana state and federal court opinions on the substantive law and procedural rules that govern this field.

Notable News will provide Indiana-related news, from various media outlets, impacting commercial lenders generally and the work-out/foreclosure side of their businesses specifically.

Practical Pointers will include articles designed to assist secured lender representatives who are, or are about to be, involved in a commercial foreclosure lawsuit. 

Statutes Say will publish posts about Indiana statutory law applicable to commercial foreclosures and secured collections.

I’m excited about developing a resource for commercial lending institutions faced with under-performing or non-performing loans.

  Because this is a new blog, I hope to receive feedback on how I can make it more useful.  I welcome suggestions, which you can e-mail to me by clicking on the “E-Mail Me” link.  My contact information in its entirety can be found by clicking on the “About” link. 

Features.  In addition to the fresh content offered at least weekly, over the course of the past year I've enhanced some of the permanent features of this blog that appear along the left side of the home page.  These include: 

  • The "About" link, which takes you to my bio
  • The self-explanatory "Email Me" link
  • Links to the four categories described that allow you to review all posts on that subject
  • The ability to conduct a Google search of this blog - to research all issues I've addressed
  • A link to subscribe to this site's RSS feed - a great way to have new posts automatically delivered
  • The opportunity to sign up to receive emails of new posts - this is secure and will never result in contact from me
  • Links to the relevant Indiana statutes
  • Links to the pertinent Indiana procedural rules
  • Links to the major Indiana state and federal court websites
  • Links to local media websites
  • Links to the predominate trade/professional organizations for secured lenders
  • Links to posts, archived by month

Finally, each post can be emailed by clicking on "Email this" at the end of each post.

I would like to thank my collegue Matthew Adolay for reviewing my articles before I formally post them.  Having his pair of eyes has been a great help and has ensured that my work is readable and understandable.  Thank you, Matt.

Again, this blog is dedicated to commercial lenders and banks needing to foreclose on loan collateral, enforce liens and collect commercial, secured debts.  If you work in this area or routinely deal with these issues, please stop by from time to time.  And, always remain mindful that my objective is to be a resource for you, so email or call if you think I can improve this blog in any way.  Thanks.